Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Honor Code Office, in support of the BYU mission and Aims, provides educational support to students in adhering to their BYU Honor Code commitment. The Honor Code Office focuses on those ideals consistent with principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an effort to safeguard students, the learning environment, and the integrity of the University.


Learning Outcomes

It is anticipated that as the students engage in the Honor Code process, they will emulate the Savior through their words and behavior in the following ways:

  1. Students will recognize and evaluate the moral principles of the Honor Code that are associated with their behavior.
  2. Students will become better educated regarding the principles of the Honor Code and be given opportunities to demonstrate their recommitment as they work through the required conditions with the Honor Code Counselor.
  3. Students will recommit to keep the Honor Code as expressed in verbal statements, written reflections and by their future behavior.