Continuing Student Endorsement

Students and Bishops, to begin the Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement Process, click  






LDS Student Instructions

1. The Student will select/click the Student Button.

2. In the next screen, the student will log in using their usual BYU log in and password.

3. Step #1: Select New Request.

4. Step #2: Select LDS Bishop.

5. Select Search

                   a. WARNING: Do not type the word "Ward" or "Branch".

6. All of the wards with similar names will appear. Select the one that is correct.

7. Select Next.

8. Step #3: Select Take Tutorial - Answer the questions. It's intended to be an educational session so the students need to work through all of the questions.

9. When the tutorial ends, it will go to Step #4 automatically.

10. Step #4: This step requires that the students checks the box at the bottom and clicks on Agree to Honor Code. If the student has questions, they may choose Honor Code Clarification and they will be taken to the Honor Code.

11. Step #5: Interview. Nothing else needs to be done on the website. Students need to schedule their Bishop's Interview.

12. Students will receive an e-mail notification when their Bishop has made a decision.

13. Students may return to the endorsement website to change the name of their Bishop or check the status of their endorsement.

Non-LDS Student Instructions

1. The Student will select/click the Student button.

2. The Student chooses Local Ecclesiastical Leader next.

3. The Student will select Print Paper Form and schedule an interview with their Ecclesiastical Leader. The form will be mailed or delivered to the Honor Code Office. Here is the contact information:

4440 WSC

Provo, UT 84606

Phone: 801-422-2847

Fax: 801-422-0299